Essential Vitamins for Hair Growth

Vitamins for Hair GrowthBefore buying or undergoing expensive artificial hair growth treatment, it is always best to maximize what natural alternatives can provide like the common vitamins for hair growth which may easily be obtained from several sources. A lot of people also don’t know that hair loss or poor hair growth is commonly caused by deficiency of the said vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional requirements. The best vitamins to nourish hair growth include but not limited to the following.

Vitamin E

Perhaps, the most important vitamin among all is vitamin E. Vitamin E helps in improving and maintains good circulation of blood all across the body up to the scalp and hair. It also has effects on strengthening the immune system which also promotes hair growth. Aside from these two benefits, vitamin E ensures that all other necessary nutrition and minerals are carried towards the hair via the blood (when blood circulation is good, nutritional delivery to every body part is ensured).

Vitamin B Complex

Compared to other vitamins for hair growth, almost all B vitamins are essential for stimulating healthier growth of hair. When there’s a B vitamin directly related to almost all bodily growth functions, it’s B2. Vitamin B2 or riboflavin improves cell respiration and stimulates cell growth. Backed up by vitamin B2, vitamin B6 provides hormonal balance to body organs like the scalp. Deficiency of vitamin B6 may also be attributed to hair loss and emotional feelings of stress and depression. Vitamin B3 on the other improves blood and nutritional circulation across the scalp, and when taken together with biotin, best results will be observed. Lastly, vitamin B12 brings health, shine, and luster to hair.

Vitamin C

The best partner of vitamin B12 when it comes to ensuring healthy hair is vitamin C or ascorbic acid. There are many health benefits of vitamin C but when it comes to the human hair, it maintains youthful hair, prevents early graying, hair dryness and brittleness.

Vitamin H (vitamin B7)

Though it is not that popular for most individuals, vitamin H (vitamin B7) or biotin is far more important when it comes to hair growth and health maintenance. Deficiency and abundance of which may directly be related to hair loss or growth not only on the head, but other body parts as well like eyelashes, eyebrows, etc.

Supplementary Nourishments to the Essential Vitamins for Hair Growth

Though essential hair vitamins enumerated above already work best, they’re still not enough. Or another concern may be the inability or hardship in taking all those vitamins at a time, or perhaps, determining a single source. Additional nourishments come in the form of certain minerals or supplements like keratin, iron, zing, magnesium, inositol, etc.

Aside from protein, keratin is also one of the building blocks of each strand of hair, therefore, taking supplements or using hair care products containing keratin would be beneficial, but unlike the ordinary vitamins for hair growth, undergoing keratin treatment should be under the supervision or at least with recommendations of a doctor. Iron and zinc are also intended for strengthening the immune system making it conducive for healthier hairs to grow. Magnesium ensures maximum processing or body use of the essential B vitamins. And finally, inositol maintains the healthy state of individual cell membranes in the hair, and it also promotes growth.

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