How Does Keratin Hair Treatment Work?

before-treatmentKeratin is a basic protein presented in our hair, skin and nails. Since the salon treatment is often called Keratin straightening treatment, consumers assume that keratin is related to straight hair, but this is not correct.

When Keratin Treatment for Hair is performed, a salon professional applies solution that instantly infuses the hair with keratin, repairing all damage and flaws within the hair. Keratin increases shine and reduces frizz, but does not directly straighten the hair itself as many people believe. After the application, the cocktail of various chemicals is added to your hair, and that creates the straightened effect by semi-permanently altering the hair’s structure.

In some keratin solutions the main component is Formaldehyde. This is a very dangerous chemical responsible for all the controversy regarding keratin treatments.  Some experts claim that exposure to formaldehyde increases risk of cancer. In some salons, customers and hairstylists are required to wear filtered-air masks during the process.

after-treatmentResults of keratin hair treatments may vary between consumers. Some of them are stating that the process works as promised and keeps their hair straight and smooth for several months, while others are not satisfied with the result of the treatment. Almost all of them are concerned about the exposure to dangerous chemicals such as Formaldehyde. For this reason several newer versions of the treatment have been created that do not use Formaldehyde at all.

You can find Keratin hair loss treatments available at many salons all around the world. Some of them offer promotional discounts when a new version of the keratin hair treatment arrives. Ask a hairstylist you trust to see before-and-after photos of customers who had the treatment done, and don’t be shy and ask about the chemicals used in the treatment, and available safety precautions.

For some clients a treatment that changes their hair for several months may be a big risk, but for others spending hours struggling with frizzy hair that refuses to straighten, keratin treatment for hair is a life-changing miracle.