Keratin Treatment Reviews

Exceeded my expectations! Love it!
When it comes to hair, I think I have done it all. I’ve permed it, straightened it, colored it, bleached it, highlighted it, teased and styled it in just about every way I could. The outcome was pretty sad – my hair became so dry, damaged, frizzy, unruly and dull, I was even thinking about shaving it all off, but my hairdresser offered me to try the Keratin Treatment (Maggy! Thank you again!:)). Well, I said okay, lets do it!
The process took approximately 3 hours because my hair is long, but it wasn’t bad at all.
After 3 hours, when Maggy (my stylist) finished flat ironing, I couldn’t believe how shiny my hair looked and it was straight – really straight!!! Finally, no frizz, no fly-aways, no dull, and damaged-looking hair! Horrray!!!!My hair looked really healthy and felt silky-smooth to the touch, it looked so sexy, I totally loved it!
I wish my hair could look like this forever! ;)
I would recommend the Keratin treatment to anyone who wants more manageable smooth and shiny hair with less efforts, and anyone who wants to reduce frizz and curls from the hair.

Totally awesome!
I had the Keratin Express Treatment done in the salon once for 125 dollars. It worked great with my frizzy-crazy-unmanageable hair! I have now found the same product online and do it myself (well, I ask my sister to help me a little bit) at home to save some money! This treatment transformed my frizzy hair to smooth and shiny hair, easy to maintain. I am so happy! I would recommend it to everybody! Totally awesome discovery!

I’m a hairdresser and I’ve ordered the Cadiveu Thermal Reconstruction complex for my salon in California.
Everybody loves it! I’m happy that I can finally offer my clients a safe procedure and amazing results. I love to see my clients happy with their hair!
Highly recommend!

I wish I could have found it years ago…
My hair was very dry, unruly, and frizzy, and I used to spend hours trying to fix it somehow, I was late almost all the time. I was late for work and for dates. I can’t even count how many hours a day I was struggling with my hair, every day the same thing all over again…
Since I got this new keratin smoothing treatment done, I don’t spend more than 10-15 minutes to fix my hair (wash it and blow-dry it). I’m so happy and I’ve got so much free time now for more important things!
I recommend this treatment to everyone! :)