Some Interesting Hair Facts and Helpful Hair Tips

The hair of a human being is probably one of the most fascinating things about our anatomy. Not only is it one of the most rapid growing tissues in our bodies, it is also highly susceptible to damage or loss due to causes that you may not have even considered. For instance, every single day it is perfectly normal to lose up to 100 hairs just by carrying out your normal daily activities, and a thyroid imbalance can cause significant hair loss if left untreated. Also, drug usage can cause one to lose their hair, as well as an iron deficiency. Given that hair is so very fascinating, it’s only fair that an article be devoted to the top interesting hair facts, and that a few useful hair tips be highlighted, in order to help all of us maintain our most intriguing feature.

hair Facts That May Surprise You

Here are a few truly fascinating hair facts that just might make you think twice every time you look in the mirror or pick up a brush:

  • You know the old saying, “blondes have more fun”. Well, maybe that’s because they have 20,000 more hairs on their head than any other hair color. Redheads have the least amount of hairs, at just 80,000.
  • There are so many hairs in the human scalp that, in order for anyone to even notice that you are losing your hair, you must lose around 50% of it.
  • Hair is so strong, that is durability and strength is equivalent to that of an iron wire. That is, in part, due to the keratin found in hair, which also gives it its elasticity.
  • Another very interesting hair fact is that we are born with each and every one of our hair follicles, with the pigment that our hair is going to have already predetermined.
  • Helpful Hair Tips

  • There are a number of hair care tips which can help you to keep your locks looking healthy and to prevent it from falling our prematurely. Firstly, it’s always a good idea to comb wet hair gently, not use a brush. By doing this you will put less stress on your scalp and will minimize the number of strands you lose. Next, smoking and eating an unbalanced diet will deprive your hair of the nutrients it needs to keep its shine and its strength, so make sure to avoid unhealthy habits and get all the nutrients you can. And, lastly, using a great keratin hair treatment, will repair the damages and flaws found within your hair. Though it is typically known as being a straightener, it does much more than that, and can even help to increase shine and reduce the frizz factor.

    These interesting hair facts only further emphasis the importance of taking care of your temperamental hair properly.